USD 200 Cheap Liposuction? – If it’s too good to be true…

Cheap liposuction. Many cosmetic facilities claimed they can offer you one for as little as 4 million VND (around USD 170). While enticing, is this really the good deal for your dream waistline or a potential burden for your health and life? Be cautious and smart before these offers, because if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Beware of Cheap Liposuction
Beware of Cheap Liposuction

Should you get Cheap Liposuction?

Liposuction is not a simple procedure and needed to perform with high-tech equipments, using complicated methods by experienced doctors. The cost of these are not trivial and as such charging the patient so little implies cutting corners and does not guarantee the satisfactory outcome patients are looking for.

A liposuction at most reputable facilities in Vietnam ranges from VND 25 to 100 million (USD 1000 – 4000) The specific price depends on the body areas performed on, equipment used and accompanied services rendered. If you come across places offering cheap liposuction for only VND 4 to 5 millions , be on your guard and beware of undeliverable promises.

Should you get cheap liposuction?


Getting cheap liposuction at the expense of your health and life is something you should absolutely reconsider and be careful with as no one else but you is going to suffer the consequences, both losing money and risk dangerous complications.

Risk of dangerous complications when you go cheap

As with gambling, betting on cheap liposuction comes with high risks. Below are a few risks you’re likely to face should you get liposuction done at a disreputable facility:

  • Infections due to unsanitary conditions and lacking proper sterilization
  • Excessive bleeding/ exsanguination due to outdated/ unsafe techniques or lack of experience
  • Injuries to organs from uncertainty in area of operation or improper usage of equipments
  • Risk of burning from inappropriate heating control
  • Uneven results, sagging skin, lumpy spots
  • No expert supervision for timely intervention in case of life risk

You should spend some time doing research in choosing a reliable facility to perform your liposuction. While price is an important factor, you shouldn’t risk dangerous complications just to get it done cheap.

A warning against deceptive practices done by illegitimate cosmetic businesses

Recently, more and more cosmetic establishments have popped up using advertising tricks to attract customers with seemingly good prices. Cheap liposuction may crop up from these, along with other services. However, be alert against fraud and scam with high potential risks to health and life.
Some has resorted to impersonate reputable cosmetic facilities in order to appeal to the trust of customers. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital and many of our customers are also victims of these organizations.
One of the typical examples is LCY Cosmetic, which advertised to customers the price of only VND 3 million for liposuction service using a collage video of Gangwhoo patients.
LCY Cosmetic operates without a license to operate in the field of cosmetic surgery and as such not endorsed by the official authorities for any medical procedures, and yet has performed invasive surgery using unsafe methods.. It is uncertain for the fates of customers undergo liposuction here.

Another case of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital impersonation being Amanda Cosmetic and Doctor Dai . They used photos and videos of customers who had plastic surgery at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital to advertise their services at surprisingly low prices.
Through sophisticated tricks, they deceived many customers by Photoshopping and replacing the Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital logo with their logo. Thereby using Gangwhoo’s reputation to deceive customers who were looking for quality aesthetic results.
Hút mỡ bụng giá rẻ
Amanda Cosmetic using photos and videos of customers at Gangwhoo Hospital

The deception isn’t limited within the border of Vietnam. One example is a shady facility claiming to be Gangwhoo Beauty Cambodia, which advertises liposuction and other services in Phnom Penh. Many overseas customers believe that this is Gangwhoo Hospital, famous for many successful liposuction cases. But little did they know that this was a scam for profit.

Hút mỡ bụng giá rẻ
Gangwhoo Beauty Cambodia impersonates Gangwhoo advertising liposuction and many other services in Phnompenh

We advise you to be on guard against these sophisticated scam when you decided to have cosmetic interventions. A few common red flags usually seen in disreputable cosmetic facilities to look out for:

  • Advertising very cheap services but incur additional hidden costs: medicines, equipments, surgery room, aftercare cost etc. as patient continue the procedure
  • Using old, outdated or irregulated machinery and equipments
  • The people performing the procedures are likely unlicensed or graduate with no residency. Most likely they are not willing to show proof of their expertise should you ask of them nor will you meet a doctor face to face
  • Usage of false or stolen feedback, media footage from other successful cases performed by other reputable institution

Things to keep in mind when performing abdominal liposuction

For a safe and effective abdominal liposuction with minimal risks of complications, we recommend that you take note of these few important things:

  • Choose a reputable, quality and safe cosmetic facility that has a legal operating license, is fully equipped with modern and advanced equipment and is periodically inspected.
  • Do research about the doctors, nurses and staff at the cosmetic facility. Choose people with expertise, experience and reputable qualifications. See your doctor directly for advice and health examination before the service.
  • Choose the appropriate liposuction techniques for the area that needs intervention, your skin condition and your health. Ask your doctor to clearly explain the process, pros and cons, costs and expected results.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions on diet, lifestyle, skin care and post-operative care. Follow your appointment schedule to monitor your recovery progress. Tell your doctor immediately if you have any unusual symptoms after the service.

Is Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital a safe choice for liposuction?

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we offer liposuction service that meets 3 criteria: safe – trustworthy – quality. Proud to be among the top institutes of high-quality cosmetic hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City that is officially endorsed by the Ministry of Health.

With over 15 years in the field, Gangwhoo has constantly improved to affirm its position in Vietnam cosmetical medical. Gangwhoo is honored to be in the prestigious top 5 of quality Vietnam cosmetic hospitals.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital uses advanced and modern liposuction technique, Lipo Ultrasound: effective and causes little damage to the skin and internal organs.

Our team of Vietnamese and Korean doctors are internationally certified, experienced and highly skilled. They are always dedicated to consulting and taking care of customers before, during and after the service.

The hospital always strictly follows the protocol to ensure that patient is fit for treatment. We will not disregard customers health or force them to go ahead without their consent.

Gangwhoo also offers incentive programs, promotions and installment support for customers to help them easily achieve a slim waistline without worrying about price.

Hopefully you will stay alert and be very careful. When in doubt, choose a reputable, quality facility to ensure your safety and effectiveness.

Would you consider getting a cheap liposuction when we’re the superior choice? Feel free to contact us at Gangwhoo for support and consultation!

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