The holiday is coming and people want to have their best look during this time, especially their eyes. But they may wonder about blepharoplasty recovery, and how long it takes to have the perfect eyelids. To find the answer, let’s read the article below.

Blepharoplasty recovery
Blepharoplasty recovery

What is blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that main goal is to reduce the bagginess from the lower eyelids and improve hooding of the upper eyelids or create a double eyelid. Blepharoplasty often involves the removal of excess skin, muscle, and subcutaneous fatty tissue, but sometimes tissues can be repositioned rather than removed to eliminate the sunken/hollow lower eyelids.

Blepharoplasty can be performed in conjunction with other surgery procedures due to its being a minor surgery.

Blepharoplasty recovery timeline

According to experts, blepharoplasty is a minor plastic surgery, that can be done in a timely matter. The process normally lasts for 45 minutes and recovery time is relatively short compared to other surgeries. The healing process can be divided into 3 phases as below:

First 1-3 days: Right after the surgery, there will be swelling and bruising, it’s a normal reaction of the body post-operation.

Next 5-7 days: The symptoms gradually subside.

From the 7th day onward: The eyelids are healing and slowly settling into the final form.

In most cases, you can have the primary look at the final after 10 days. But to make sure your result is presentable and the healing process goes as you wish, you should plan carefully the time of your surgery so it to not affected by your aftercare regime or any other external factors.

Your eyelids can settle into their final post-surgery form after a few months so there’s no need to be impatient or worried.

Blepharoplasty recovery

Common symptoms after blepharoplasty:

Depending on the personal condition of each customer, there will be different symptoms after blepharoplasty. This is also what customers are most concerned about. During the blepharoplasty recovery time, customers can experience:

Light pain where the incisions are, may last for 1-2 days

Bruising and swelling. Customers may feel uncomfortable when opening, closing, and blinking their eyes.

The eyelids take time to settle into their final form so customers may feel that they look unnatural at first look.

In some cases, there is crying involuntary but it will stop after a while.

Blepharoplasty aftercare

How long the blepharoplasty recovery time takes depends on which technology your surgeon applied. On the other hand, some other factors affect the recovery period such as the surgeon’s skills and post-surgery care.

So to ensure the perfect results during blepharoplasty recovery time, there are a few recommendations from doctors:

  • Avoid scratching, rubbing, touching, or applying force/pressure on your eyes to prevent bleeding.
  • On the first 3 days, you can use an ice pack covered in waterproof clothing to reduce the bruising.
  • Avoid applying eye makeup before the stitches removal.
  • Rest your eyes and reduce the time of using electronic devices.
  • Take medication as prescribed
  • Keep your eyes dry, and avoid touching water for a long time
  • Avoid excessive sport or exercise till your eyes already settle
  • No lens for at least 1 week after blepharoplasty
  • Have a proper and healthy diet so your health can be stable

For your diet during the blepharoplasty recovery period, there should be a great source of nutrition and energy to boost the healing process by supporting wound healing and skin rejuvenation.

On the other hand, there is the food you need to avoid or limit intake due to their interference with the healing process or causing irritation such as beef, chicken, seafood, and sticky rice…,. You also need to reduce your intake of extra spicy food or stimulants/addictive substances like alcohol, tobacco, coffee…

A safe and reputable address for blepharoplasty

Gangwhoo hospital has always been proud to be a modern, trusted address chosen by many, both domestically and foreign for a blepharoplasty with many options like Korean blepharoplasty, Dove eyes blepharoplasty, Perfect blepharoplasty, Eyelid blepharoplasty, 4in1 blepharoplasty,…

Technologies applied in blepharoplasty procedures at Gangwhoo hospital are all advanced and top-class and originated from Korea, helping prevent all the pain during surgery. All surgeries are conducted in a completely sterilized environment according to the standard of the Health Ministry. A plasma blade is used during the surgery to help boost the success rate as well as prevent excessive bleeding and scarring after the procedure.

The team of doctors at Gangwhoo hospital consists of many experts with years of experience and knowledge about blepharoplasty. They also attend courses and seminars abroad to be updated with the lasted trends and technologies so customers can have the most satisfying services, an aesthetically pleasing but natural appearance with strategically hidden incisions so outsiders can not realize any trace of cosmetic surgery.

After any surgery at Gangwhoo hospital, customers will be moved into an intensive care unit so medical staff can nurse their health and monitor their condition after surgery. They will also instruct you on how to take care at the home of the blepharoplasty recovery time to archive your desired result. That way you can put your trust in Gangwhoo hospital for any cosmetic procedures.

Above is what the expert shares about the blepharoplasty recovery period so you can determine exactly when is best to apply for the procedure. For any further requests or questions about blepharoplasty or other plastic surgery, please leave contact us via hotline/zalo to book a consultation.


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